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Why Prize Publishing House

Prize Publishing House is an independent, competitve, high-quality, and scalable publishing company. Since its inception in 2019, Prize Publishing House has had the honor of publishing over 36 prized authors.  


We are completely dedicated to each of our authors and work hands-on to bring every story to life. We’re always looking for ways to reach a larger audience, embracing more recent mediums such as e-books and audiobooks. We strive to extend our reach into the new, modern age of publishing.


Prize Publishing offers a unique partnership with authors that gives them the same visibility as major authors -- with printed books sold at major retailers such as, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Books-A-Million, and Target. Plus, Prize Publishing House produces an e-book for every author, all at a great price!

100% Royalties

Library of Congress Registration

100% Copyrights

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Our Clients Say


"I found out about Prize Publishing House after taking one of Pastor Shavon Smith's Master Classes. The class itself was top-notch, and I knew Prize Publishing House would be nothing short of excellent. 

From start to finish, this publishing company was professional, considerate, thorough, and reasonable. After my free consultation, I was ready to move forward with one of the packages. They could have easily recommended someone, but they took on the challenge of helping me publish my work without compromising my story. They also put my vision to life with the book cover, the book itself, and the promotion images for social media. I recommend Prize Publishing House to any and everyone!" 

Jamillah Lynn, Prized Author

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