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Author's Showcase

Christopher D. Ransom

Minister | Author | Children’s Church Teacher | Young Adult Ministry Leader | Advocate For Police Reform | Aspiring Pastor & Motivational Speaker


Christopher is a meek, genuine, and enthusiastic man of God. At Christopher’s christening, the pastor prophesied that he was called to pastor one day. Christopher was born on May 26, in 1996 and was raised in San Diego, California. Christopher was raised amongst three different church denomination before joining The City of Hope International Church in 2007. From the time he was born until the winter of 2003 he was a member of a Pentecostal church named This Is The Way pastored by Lucille Taylor. In January of 2003, his family packed up and joined an apostolic church named North Park Apostolic pastored by Bishop Joel D. Trout. On September 26th, 2004, Christopher was baptized for the first time at North Apostolic. 

Chris is the third of five brothers who his mother, Rotunda, instilled the love for God and God’s love for him through regular church attendance. After 4 years of membership at North Park Apostolic Rotunda felt God leading her and her family elsewhere so in February of 2007 she migrated to Mt. Erie Baptist church. Upon arrival Chris was signed up for baptism at Mt. Erie Baptist church and was Baptist for the second time in his life on July 7th, 2007. Mt. Erie Baptist church was a shortstop, but God’s presence was needed in his rough community, so his Aunt referred Rotunda to a fairly new non-denominational church that was pastored by Bishop Terrell Fletcher. In December of 2007 he went on to spend many years as a member at the City of Hope International church (COHI).

Christopher is thankful for all of the church experience as a kid because as he grew until a young adult his next steps required spiritual maturity. In July of 2015, Associate pastor Bil Goff at COHI taught Christopher how to manage the audio and video media during service. One thing lead to another. In July of 2018, Christopher began teaching children on Sundays and advocating for police reform and racial justice with San Diego Organization Project (SDOP) as a faith leader and representative at COHI. Christopher has seen the evidence of God while on his journey and wants nothing more but to continue to walk in his purpose.

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