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Author's Spotlight

Kaya Smith-Haines

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First Youth Author at Prize Publishing House| Inspirational/Motivational Speaker


Kaya Smith-Haines, a native of New Jersey, is a living testimony. Every day as she continues her journey, she is finding more words to spread light to those who need it and also bettering herself. Kay is passionate about her future and accomplishing all that she has set out to do. In Expect the Unexpected Kaya shares her story and what made her who she is today.

To learn more about Kaya visit her website at Author | (

There will be times when you walk into unexpected situations and become stuck. Stuck in a place where you think about what is happening in that moment.  You may be stuck but also curious as to what is going to happen, but that is not where it has to end. Sooner or later your eyes are opened, and you will know how to handle the unexpected. This is the story of Kaya Smith-Haines’ life, whose light shines on others that need encouragement all over the world. As a young girl, Kaya knows that when it comes to Expecting the Unexpected, having an open mind will allow you to prepare for what is coming next. Something greater will always come, you just have to trust God’s timing.

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