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Founded in 2019, Prize Publishing House was established to meet all your publication needs. If you are looking to become a published author, we have the services to fit your needs. Providing a variety of services such as ghostwriting, editing, cover designs, marketing and much more, Prize Publishing House is here to meet your publishing desires!!


Using a specialized approach designed specifically with you in mind, it is the goal of Prize Publishing House to assist in the creation, publication, and marketing of high-quality products to fulfill your vision.


Prize Publishing House consists of an extremely qualified team of editors, ghostwriters, graphic designers and marketing experts. We have the tools, resources, and skills to transform your thoughts, ideas, and vision into a professional publication. Our dedicated team will guide you step-by-step and create an exceptional experience designed specifically to meet your needs and desires. Once we have completed your final manuscript and your book is ready for release, our team works effortlessly to launch a valuable and successful marketing campaign.


Experience our remarkable services today!!


Expert Ghostwriters

Tell us your thoughts and ideas and let us bring them to life for you!!


Highly Skilled Book Editing and Proofreading

Already have a rough draft? Allow one of our highly skilled editors and proofreaders to prepare and finalize your manuscript for publication by correcting and modifying as needed!!


Professional Marketing and Logistics Team

Ready to Launch!! Allow us to handle all your marketing needs including banners, planning book signings, and much more!!


Top-Tier Graphic Design

Our qualified graphic designers are here to serve you!! We specialize in book cover designs and flyers!!


Individual Coaching Sessions

Meet with our marketing coach to discuss all your marketing needs. This session is guaranteed to increase visibility in the market for your new publication!!

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